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Caribbean Coastal Area

Management Foundation


Established in 1997, over 25 years ago, the Caribbean Coastal Area Management Foundation's (C-CAM) mission is to promote conservation, sustainable development, and equal livelihood opportunities for males, females, and vulnerable groups of coastal areas.


C-CAM utilizes innovative, forward-thinking practices, in leading coastal conservation and management. It works in partnership with communities, government agencies, the private sector, and other stakeholders.


C-CAM’s work includes biodiversity, conservation, entomology, ecology, climate change adaptation, planning, research, public education, communication, community development, tours, and events, management, and finance. It leads several environmental projects in partnership with local and international stakeholders to drive the sustainability agenda.

C-CAM’s major objectives are as follows:


  • Clean land, water, and air

  • Sustainable use of natural resources

  • Improved quality of life of residents

  • Conserve threatened species, ecosystems

  • Community involvement

  • Community environmental education

  • Providing the best available information

  • Financial sustainability

  • Efficient and effective institutional capacity

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